Photoshoot Details

The average photo shoot lasts about one hour, sometimes longer, depending on your pet. We usually start off by taking a few minutes to get to know one another and I like to give your pet a chance to check out my camera and gear bag so they aren’t intimidated by the equipment. After everyone is relaxed, we will start having fun!

I like to take a variety of shots, some will be more posed and some will be much more candid and action oriented. I also like to include a few different backgrounds so you have some variety of color and texture in your images. There will be times during our photo shoot where I will need your assistance and other times when I may prefer to work with your pet on my own. Please make arrangements to bring “helpers” if we are shooting two or more dogs. It is almost impossible for me to hold the camera, treats and a dog on a leash will trying to take photos.

Please feel free to bring your pets favorite toys and treats…this helps create a fun, exciting atmosphere for your pet. I will bring my own treats as well, but I often find some pets to be picky eaters and only like specific things.

Please let me know in advance of any special shots that you may want so I can be prepared with the proper equipment. If your pet needs to remain on leash during our photo shoot that is perfectly fine, we will work around that. My top priority is you and your pet’s safety and I suggest leaving your pet on leash if you have any concerns. More often than not, leashes can be removed in Photoshop during post processing, however, this will be left up to my discretion. There is no point in removing something if it is going to look unnatural after the fact. I will make every effort during the photo shoot to keep the leash as hidden as possible.

Following the photo shoot, you will receive a link to your online gallery. This gallery will remain posted for two weeks. You may choose to order online or I would like to suggest that you come to my studio for an in person ordering session. This gives me the opportunity to show you the many options you have for reproducing your images and it allows you to save money on custom packages that are only offered at in person presentations.

Also, please be prepared to pay your $150.00 sitting fee at the time of the photo shoot. I accept cash, checks and credit cards for purchases.